People, Views, and People’s Views / Vistas, Gente, y Vistas de Gente 


This film was commissioned by the Echo Park Film Center in 2018. Shot in Los Angeles on 16 mm. All sounds were recorded on LA public transit.

Wild Myself


Shot in the California desert, Wild Myself is a docu-fiction western that follows a “cowboy” through his adventures with western archetypes intercut with documentary footage of desert inhabitants.  

Made as my senior thesis film at Bard College.

Lover’s Touch


This 15-second traditional animation was made in “introduction to animation” at UCLA using colored pencils, cells, and paper.



(2018 -)

As a way to expose myself to new views within the neighborhoods I already “know” and frequent in Los Angeles, I chose to navigate through the streets using an alternative method of transportation to cars. I rolled around wearing the same dress in various neighborhoods, forming both a new cognitive map of the city and a physical map made up of the debris that would attach to my dress. The rolling action additionally serves as a never-ending loop. It is a movement with neither beginning nor end, thus allowing for a disjointed continuity as the video cuts on the action between various locations.

This is an on-going project with several neighborhoods left to roll around in.

Marketing Race, Gender, and Activism through Bodiless Entities: A look at Brud’s Instagram Robots


An audiovisual essay that looks into the functions of digital company Brud’s Instagram ‘robots’.
This video essay was published in the University Carlos III de Madrid’s audiovisual essay journal Tecmerin Nº 5, 2020.
Full essay text at Tecmerin’s website: